Our Vision


  • Agriculture: shift to agribusiness, source international markets for produce, value addition and optimal land utilization. Encourage aggregate community farming for appropriate crops 
  • Education: provide market-oriented opportunities for learning and education both locally and internationally. Goal is to prepare our youthful population for a 21st century workforce environment 
  • Health: develop integrated health systems, utilizing modern technology and electronic health records – Nyamira Referral Hospital with a web of supporting dispensaries, pharmacies and clinics 
  • Infrastructure: improve road network, create bike and Boda Boda trails funded by neighborhoods, water and sanitation, develop county-wide Broadband internet service 
  • Youth & Women Empowerment: expansion of targeted opportunities for advancement; affirmative action on County-funded programs to youth and underprivileged women; expansion of tertiary training, access to micro-financing and skill-based training; creation of employment through soft talent export to the West 

Underlying Objective: 100% Accountability, Zero Tolerance for Corruption and Impunity 

We believe that Nyamira County is endowed with resources – human, financial, natural and cultural- adequate to assure prosperity and advancement for all.  

We aspire to provide much-needed proactive and visionary leadership for the County residents to rise and achieve their God-given potential. 

We work to eradicate any impediments to our people’s greatness by creating an enabling and safe environment that fosters creativity, healthy competition and honest reward.