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About Bwakire Se! 

Bwakire Se! Nyamira 2022 is a grassroot, people-based and revolutionary movement anchored by the New Dawn Foundation & Trust, an international non-profit organization headquartered in the United States. This is a movement that will launch the renewal, revival and revitalization of County 046, Nyamira. As we all know, we have the people, the natural wealth, the money and above all, God’s Grace. What is lacking and we must build it, PEOPLES’ POWER to create a better, brighter and more prosperous County for generations to come. It will take each one of us- young, older, rich, poor, home-based or diaspora-based. Together we can. Tiga Bokie Se! Nyamira.

Our movement is based on the premise that better, brighter days are ahead for the people of Nyamira.